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The idea to create a simple, direct, pop/rockabilly trio to perform original material was always foremost in London, Ontario's Garwood Wallace and so was born the trio TWITCH. Having long been an admirer of Bob Segarini, Wallace sought him out for guidance after hearing his 1978 Bomb Records release 'Gotta Have Pop'. Segarini became something of a mentor to Wallace resulting in Wallace playing guitar and singing on the sessions for Segarini's second solo album 'Goodbye L.A.'

At one point, Wallace asked Segarini to attend a Twitch showcase at the Nickelodeon on Yonge Street in Toronto. Segarini was impressed enough with the energetic band that he had them open a show for him and his band that same night across town at the El Mocombo. Thus, the very first Twitch gig in front of a live audience was on June 2, 1979 to a packed house. This resulted in a lot of attention from local promoters and the media and Twitch quickly established themselves on the Toronto music scene as a fast, loud power-pop band specializing in nervous rock'n roll. They became the "house opening act" at the El Mocombo for much of the summer of '79, doing shows with the Ramones, Link Wray, John Lee Hooker, and the Tourists, among others. Segarini also recorded a Garwood Wallace song, "Rock 'N Roll Moment" for the 'Goodbye L.A.' album.

By the Fall of 1980, Twitch recorded and released "Sad Girl", their first single and video for Bomb Records. In February 1981, they began the sessions for the Bomb Records album 'Twitch And Shout', which was produced by Greg Warren and released in June of that year. 'Twitch And Shout' and its first single, "Take It Back", received a lot of airplay and Twitch played extensively across Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

Now, 25 years later comes the remastered version of this seminal album from Garwood Wallace himself...complete with 16 page full-colour booklet filled with anecdotes and photos. There are also 4 bonus tracks of songs written for their sophomore album but, sadly, never materializing except as live performances presented here.

Twitch Shout

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