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Finally resale start Living a Dream Enhanced 

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Living a Dream (Enhanced Cd) [Explicit] Explicit Lyrics


Living a Dream (Enhanced Cd) [Explicit] Explicit Lyrics


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Living a Dream (Enhanced Cd) [Explicit] by Tye Banks


A couple of weeks ago, in Five For Friday, we hipped you to a Raleigh cat named Tye Banks and some of his songs and videos. The single "I'm Still Cool" is off of his second album entitled Living a Dream. The Monster loves that jam, so I was happy to be able to review the entire CD! Tye describes his sound as "Lost Boyz meets Mayberry" which I not only love, but find hilarious. Us NC cats know about Mayberry, and who doesn t like the Lost Boyz? Plus, with other influences like A Tribe Called Quest, it s clear that Tye is a North Carolina hip hop head trying to make honest music. That's admirable and something to appreciate in today's industry.

Without any further adieu, let s get into this...

Scream Cackalack

Living a Dream starts off with a bang. I love the hook on this. No matter where I'm At, I Make 'em scream Cackalack . Tye's style is more rapid fire than on the other tracks I've heard of his but he s able to swerve through the beat while keeping that southern drawl. This really is the perfect opener.

Good Time

This is another track that I had heard before hand, as it is available on his RN page. He describes it as a party jam for young and old, but I think it has more of a low-key cookout feel. I can picture this bumping in my man Butta's backyard down on E. Martin St in the R while we grill up some burgers. A party ain't a party if the music ain't on lt;- don t get much realer than that.

Stop Hiding

Two words: HEAVY ROTATION. This track comes hard. It reminds me of some of that old school Atlanta rap mixed with a new school Ramp;B feel. This is also one of my favorite tracks, and that is because it s easy to relate too. Any male out there has experienced the situations described in the song of trying to get a girl to see that you could be perfect together if she d just come out of her shell a bit. The tracks features Sikora and can be downloaded if you join Tye's mailing list on RN, or if you sign up at his website.

I'm Still Cool

Another one of those jams we previewed for y all previously. Certainly the right choice for a single. Brushin off the haters with this one and it has the best message of all : DO YOU and BE YOURSELF. Too much is made in hip hop about what you have or where you go, and this song embodies the antithesis of this. Tye basically lets you know that he s going to be him and deal with it. Talk if you want, but that ain t going to change him. That s the Monster s motto for 2009 too, haha.

Overall, Living A Dream shows that Tye is doing exactly that. I thought the album was great, and that s no joke. Tye doesn't make good hip hop music, the dude makes good music in general. I love the average man feel of his tracks and the way he portrays valuable messages to the audience without over-doing it or sounding corny. There were certain parts of the album (like Cash Money and Dying Breed ) where I thought he got away from that style a little bit and it hurt the flow of the album slightly. Tracks like I m Still Cool, Stop Hiding, and Gimme A Break showcased this style to perfection, however and really set the overall tone and message. --The Mixtape Monster Blog

Living a Dream (Enhanced Cd) [Explicit] Explicit Lyrics

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