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Professional Counselling Services Tailored To Improve Your Relationships And Well-being

Purple Lifeline Counselling Services

Life always provides such great feedback about what is emerging for emotional healing. Struggling relationships, career and financial challenges, health, and other life challenges give the clues.

It is often difficult to understand how to heal your painful emotions alone. It is tremendously helpful to have a listening ear that genuinely cares when in emotional pain to learn how to do it for yourself.

Our Counselling Services

First Consultation

  • Pour your heart out: Your counsellor will give you time to open up about your story and everything bothering you. He/she will also ask you a lot of questions to gain insight into your history and current situation.
  • Discuss your emotional concerns: You and your counsellor will then talk about your current emotional needs and struggle, then determine what your goals for coming into counselling are.
  • Registering for a program: Your counsellor will then give you a list of our recommended programs, duration of our programs, and the cost implications, as it relates to your area of interest then allow you to decide which one would be more convenient for you.
  • Work on therapy plan with the Counsellor: Your Counsellor will develop a plan that’s tailored to suit your needs, and share with you for understanding and approval before the program starts
  • Paperwork: You will be provided with some documents to fill and complete then sign and submit.
  • Your Program Starts as planned.
  • Duration: 1 week

Ruby Package

  • This is our Premarital Counselling program for 6 weeks (6 Sessions) This for couples that are engaged to be married. We help them deal with any relationship problems they may be having then go on to give them the knowledge they need for a successful marriage
  • This our relationship Coaching Program for 6 weeks (6 Sessions)

Diamond Package

  • This package is all about Marriage counseling for 3 months (12 Sessions) – This is recommended for couples that have been married for a considerable amount of time, that want to treat their issues and also develop a template for their marriage. We will be covering Communication, Sex, Anger management, Spirituality, Finances, Parenting amongst other things.
  • This package is all about Marriage Counselling for 6 weeks (6 Sessions) – This is for newlyweds that want to lay a solid foundation for their marriage based on proven scientific methods. During the program, they will be able to sort out any existing issues before we proceed to create a template for their marriage.

Emerald Package

  • This is our Infertility counselling and support Program for a 1 off session (To cover the basics on Infertility counselling, helping the client understand the process, what to expect and what to do to increase their chances for a successful pregnancy.
  • This is our Infertility counselling and support program for 4 sessions with Phone counselling support after the program (Surrogacy counselling and support, two weeks wait Support, Grief counselling for miscarriages and the loss of a baby)

Sapphire Package

  • This is our Rehabilitation Counselling Program – Duration can only be estimated after our evaluation.
  • This is our Substance Abuse Counselling program– Duration can only be estimated after our evaluation

We Look Forward To Hearing From You

With compassion, we can discover and heal the roots of what you are struggling with together. I specialize in supporting you to see, understand, and love the parts of yourself that have been neglected, rejected, and harmed.

Call us either on +234 805 927 0197 or +234 803 472 3163. You can also send us an email via info@purplelifeline.com to confirm your interest in any of our packages.


Yours Sincerely,

Halima Odiegwu




Certified Counsellor & Coach / CEO

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